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Random acts of silliness

7th September, 2008. 8:24 pm. >,>(snowhuntress)

[20:17]   <Solanth> What's with people who dye their hair a different "natural" colour, but not their beard?
[20:17]   <Solanth> So their hair is bread and their black is brown. It looks weird.
[20:17]   <Solanth> ...Oh, I screwed that sentence ALL up.

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24th May, 2008. 8:43 pm.(snowhuntress)

Don't worry, it's safe :D
So Hot It's [CENSORED]Collapse )


22nd December, 2007. 1:32 pm. Snippet of an old chat log I stumbled onto(auroraaliuna)

connected: ezChat version 0.54
Snow Huntress:: rora
#Stormphyre:: O_o
Aurora AliUna:: Snow, Twix ~
#Stormphyre:: Butbut.. D: then she can't beat 'em herself
Marivs:: *nods* it be Rora~
#Stormphyre:: rorathingy~
Snow Huntress:: :o
Aurora AliUna:: what, where? *panics and flails.. and waves to Mar*
Snow Huntress:: But that Snap and crunch is such a cool sound :o
Daeis:: Hi, Aurora
Daeis:: what about crackle?
Daeis:: and pop?
Aurora AliUna:: Daeis
Daeis:: snap can't have a stranger do the dirty work with him
Aurora AliUna:: Crunch is the illigitimate child of crackle and pop
Daeis:: Crackle had an affair with Pop? I thought Crackle and Snap were so
good together!
Aurora AliUna:: It was too good to last, apparently.
Daeis:: My perceptions of this world crumble.... Crackle and Pop - who would
have thought it?
Aurora AliUna:: Crumble, eh? I don't know where Crumble fits into it all,
it's just one big messy soap opera.
Daeis:: *snerk*


29th October, 2007. 3:16 pm. Teh typo demon lurketh!(ouraboura)

Typodemonitis spread around the chat today :3

Current mood: amused.


3rd August, 2007. 6:52 pm. I FORGOT THIS PLACE(zenedai)

But only until Drag reminded me!

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8th June, 2007. 5:08 pm. Snow vs. NickServ battle!(marivs)

-->| Snow|NotHere (chatzilla@rox-4F57508E.ctcinet.com) has joined #gryphonguild
=-= Snow|NotHere is now known as Snow
|<-- Snow has left avians.net (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
-->| Snow|NotHere (chatzilla@rox-4F57508E.ctcinet.com) has joined #gryphonguild
=-= Snow|NotHere is now known as Snow
|<-- Snow has left avians.net (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
-->| Snow|NotHere (chatzilla@rox-4F57508E.ctcinet.com) has joined #gryphonguild
=-= Snow|NotHere is now known as Snow
|<-- Snow has left avians.net (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
(and so on...)

It's obvious: NickServ wins.
But Snow, she is persistent! And has maaany lives XD

Current mood: one mood all the time.

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15th May, 2007. 12:01 pm. Jurassic Park vs Ghandi(dragryphon)

Great movie!Collapse )

Current mood: bouncy.

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8th May, 2007. 2:52 am. Guild move and update(kanashimi_sai)

 Well it has finally come. The new gryphonguild board has been opened.http://www.gryphguild.org/forum/phpBB2/index.php
Those of you who have not registered over there yet please take the time to do so.

In the next few months the old ezboard will shut down. When this happends I will be taking all of the Gryphonguildfun posts and making a kind of memory book out of them. To kind of say good bye to the old ezboard and welcome in the new board. These books will just be a simple gryphon cover and all the fun memories that are here printed out and stapled together.

I will then offer these out to members of the community as kind of a years book of all the memories we have had on the old board that were posted here.

*smiles* Its hard to say goodbye to an old home, but a new house can be turned into a home that is just as good if not better then the old. Because a home is just a house, its the people that live within its walls that makes it a home.

So everyone please take time to register in our new house and lets start building memories so that this house can soon be called home.

Thank you to each and every member here and in the guild. Its the members who truly make the guild what it is today, our laughs our tears and now our moves have made us each stronger in ways.

Thanks to Velvetdragon for being a great admin, creating the new board and always being there for the guild
Thanks to Sorvay a great admin a good friend to a lot of us in the guild and a great person
Thanks to the mods for keeping the guild as well as this community safe running and a fun place to be.

And most of all

Thank you to YOU the members, for without members we wouldn't have a guild, a livejournal community or a place to call home on the net.

I hope that you register soon and I hope that we will have many more fun memories in our new home to add to this community.

Thank you



13th March, 2007. 9:26 pm. Luke, I am your mother...(dragryphon)

Whee...Collapse )

Current mood: surprised.

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20th February, 2007. 2:36 pm. Gutter Guild(dragryphon)

You don't see this everyday!Collapse )


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